14 February 2019

Without Further Adieu

What's in the box?

It's a 1943 Ithaca frame and Remington Rand slide.  Refurbished by Anniston Army Depot in February 1976.

Many more pics below the cut!

Little Markings and Proofs!

The barrel is in excellent shape and was made by High Standard.

It compares very favorably to my much newer Springfield Armory Model 1911-A1 GI.

Special thanks to Marv, Willard and Dwight for your financial contributions!


  1. 1976 refurb? Thats extra cool! Congrats on the nice 1911!

  2. Glad to hear you got it! If I could, I wouldn't mind putting in for one of those, but between poverty and other factors, it's no go.

  3. See, you just have to trust the producers of "The McThag Show".


  4. Dang, now you have made me want to inspect all the pieces parts stampings on the 1964 Anniston refurbed unit which used to belong to my father in law. Shoots very nicely too and as I qualified with one in 1970 it always brings a smile to my face at the range.

  5. And it even comes in a really nice Pelican-style case. Dang...

    So far, I've only heard good stories about these 'knackered out Gubmint guns' that were supposed to be so damned horrible. Why again did various internal military units have to shop outside for new guns when there are so many nice guns?

    1. Well, these are the ones that avoided the crusher in the '90s.

      I wonder if these are from POMCUS sites or other deep war stocks like some of the M16a1 that are loaned to Police departments.

    2. My issue M1911A1 was very knackered when I handed it in for the last time. The front sight was missing for the third time that year... There was a lot of play in the slide on the frame. Old 1164935 was prolly stripped for parts rather than saved.

      This was common for the guns we had in 1989.

      There's a couple of people on the CMP forums who're saying the guns we're seeing from CMP were arsenaled and stored; and have been in storage ever since. My gun say ANAD 2-76 and Marv's is A 11-80. I'd believe that the military put them into warstock reserve storage and never pulled them back out.

      Despite the cries of the peacenicks, the military has been ever shrinking since WW2 so they could just leave those guns there and only draw them out as needed over the next 9-13 years; with even fewer needed from storage as the M9 replaced the remaining M1911A1 in service.

    3. My dad's squadron armorer back in Korea in '53 had access to enough 1911A1s that he could pieces part them all and assemble excellent shooters. His squadron won many pistol competitions in the years he was there. All were Korean War stockpiles.

      I can believe the depots did the same thing. Take good parts and assemble good guns from them.

      Glad you got one, can't wait to get the range report. Right? You are going to shoot it and tell us about it, right?

    4. Shoot? (Looks up this odd word)

      You can SHOOT guns?

      I will have to investigate this further!

  6. Very nice Congrats on the luck of the draw!!

  7. Hey Angus;

    Mega Congratulations!!!!!!!


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