14 February 2019

Everything Else Has A Name

If your ship has three masts, a jib out front, square sails on the first mast and a gaff sail aft on all three; it's called a barquentine.

If your ship has two masts, a jib out front, square sales on the first mast and a gaff aft on both; it's called a brigantine.

But if you have a single mast, jib out front, square sails and a gaff...

Nothing.  No special name.



  1. I think you may have those reversed. A 2-masted vessel with square sails on both masts is a brig, so the one with a square rigged foremast and fore-and -aft rigged mainmast would be a brigantine.

    A 3 masted vessel that is square rigged on all 3 masts is a full-rigged ship, or just a ship. With square fore & main and fore-and-aft mizzen it is a bark (or barque). See the USCGC Eagle for an example. Square fore with fore-and-aft main & mizzen is a barquentine.

    Your little pirate vessel I think would still be considered a cutter, despite the square sails.

    Going completely off topic, do you know if there is something wrong with the 'Gun Free Zone' web site? I haven't been able to pull it up since yesterday.

  2. The ones I list are square on JUST the foremast. Gaff on all masts.

    My rigging is inspired by a couple of French cutters, so that makes sense.

    I had not noticed anything wrong at Miguel's today, but he's had provider problems in the past.

  3. I thought a single masted ship was a Sloop?


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