04 February 2019

That's An Excellent Reason To Deport Him!

"Mr. Abraham-Joseph is a role model to the young people in the country..."

Rapper 21 Savage's attorney Dina LaPolt.

I don't want an illegal alien and convicted felon to be a role model to the young people of the nation.

Also, that's some mighty fine police work there, ICE.

He'd been in the country illegally for more than 8 years when he was convicted on felony drug charges and it has taken you an additional 4-plus to notice his visa status?

He should have been remanded straight back to England when released from prison.

Let me underline this a bit more.

It's not like he overstayed his visa and laid low, working anonymous jobs.  He became a high profile musician and celebrity.

It should have been simple to nab him.

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