15 February 2019


Side by side with Marv's Remington Rand (his is on top).

We're kind of comparing what we got and are each jealous of something the other got.

I kind of wanted the wide hammer.

He really wants the Pelican style case.


  1. You want to really be jealous? Back in the late eighties I picked up an Ithaca framed 1911A1 with a beat up commercial Colt slide for $195. Everything but the slide was original. Found a never issued, surplus Ithaca slide in Shotgun News for $65. One of the best shooter I ever had. A few years later a friend wanted to sell an old popup camper for $200. His neighbor traded him a Remington Rand for it. Since he didn't really want a handgun, he sold it to me for $200. Sometimes you just fall into these deals. Unfortunately, that kind of luck has never graced me again.........

    1. My dad GAVE me a nearly unfired Remington-Rand. And I sold it for nearly nothing. Bought it back and traded it for money off a new Glock 21.

      I keep that Glock to remind me to not be stupid. Sometimes it even works!


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