22 February 2019

Gun Strings

If a holster is to a pistol; as a sling is to a rifle...

What's a lanyard?

These things are getting hard to track down.  I've had one for years, but decided I needed some dedicated ones for the CMP gun and M9.

The M&P?  It amuses me that you can replace the butt-tool thing with one that's also a lanyard loop.


  1. Hey Angus;

    We used to call the Lanyard "Dope on a rope",a guy that had a problem "misplacing" his M-16 during training got one.. but I can see the utility of the idea, if the pistol is dropped, you can still retrieve it.

    1. All of our pistols had them. We larks-headed them to our M7 holsters for extra snag-on-everything value when working on the tank.


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