13 February 2019

Probably Not Getting An M1911A1

My stupid arrest from two years ago is likely creating an NICS delay situation with CMP.

That's as good as a denied as far as they are concerned.

I guess the good news is once they refund the money, I can pay back those who loaned me money for this.

I am depressed and furious beyond my ability to express it.


  1. Aww F***! Sorry to hear that. Sumbritches know they can be choosy and avoid any perceived wrongdoings.

  2. Sorry to hear that. It is one of the major problems with Domestic Violence laws. The "Someone Must Be Arrested" stance is making too many people ineligible. It is violating the rules.

    I would understand if it was for a conviction, but for an arrest on charges that were dropped? Bullscat.

    Any chance you can actually talk to someone and get it cleared up, or have you already tried that? I mean, have you had problems buying guns from anyone else or is this the first time you've hit that wall. If the first time, see if you can fight the stonewalling.

    Otherwise, damn. Totally sucks.

    1. The FDLE system fixes itself when a conditional disapproval rolls in. They check to see if the no-contact or arrest became a conviction.

      NICS... there's just no point of contact to complain to so it either corrects or not.

      The big part of the problem with CMP is their insistence on checking NICS before shipping. At the local FFL where the system has been fixed with regards to my arrest, no problem. Federal level where I don't have standing to complain because Florida doesn't use it...

  3. I thought a Florida WCL made a NICS check not needed?

    Either way, bullshit. Sorry my Friend.


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