24 February 2019

New Home

Marv's quest to find the perfect red-dot for his KelTec SUB-2000 has given me a Vortex Sparc-AR.

It sits rather fetchingly on top of Valentine, no?

Because Marv had raided the spacer shim for his Crossfire, I wrote to Vortex to buy a replacement.

Vortex said, "we'll call it a warranty claim end send one right out!"

I'm the second owner.  Dayum!

What arrived was the spacer, the longer screws to use it, the shorter screws I was already using, a new cross-bolt screw, instructions, two stickers, a lens cloth and a hat!

Because I wanted to buy a replacement spacer and screws.

I have to say, this is some damn fine customer service.

The spacer is the difference between absolute and lower 1/3 co-witness.

With the spacer in and showing the lower 1/3, it aligns correctly with the LaRue Po'Boy 2.5x magnifier and finally gives it a good home.

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