11 February 2019

I Beg To Differ

"Parkland would never have happened if Florida had a red flag law," Linda Beigel Schulman said during a recent news conference with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is expected to sign his state's new law any day. Her son, Scott Beigel, was a teacher and coach killed during the Parkland attack.

She's assuming that the red-flag law would have been enforced in BrCoward County.

The reason I differ is the existing laws weren't enforced.  Enforcement of even ONE of the extant laws would have put the shooter in jail instead of letting him be free to plan.

I think it's probable that the lack of enforcement of the more serious than the red-flag laws encouraged the shooter.

I'm willing to bet that he didn't think he'd be caught or punished because he hadn't been punished for anything yet.  His post shooting behavior kind of indicates a lack of worry about being apprehended.


  1. Parkland wouldn't have happened if one actual sensible adult had taken responsibility any time since the shooter went bonkers way back before he became a shooter.

    Not to mention, if his actual mother hadn't 'straw man' bought him the guns...

    Red Flag Laws? How many red flags did all those in charge ignore before, during and after the event?

    An event so heinously handled that the local mulletwrapper (newspaper) did a multi-section hit piece on the whole poop-show.


  2. pretty sad when the shooter himself was turned away when he went to them for help


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