16 February 2019

Tubby Tanker Totin'

The M7 holster doesn't quite fit under-arm or sit out front.  It's kind of 3/4 under the armpit.

What it definitely is, is comfortable.  You would wear it all day, everyday for weeks; and I have.

It's also, definitely, not a fast draw rig.

Link to the assembly instructions (and more pics).


  1. Definitely looks comfortable. Wonder if adjusting the tilt of the holster would increase the draw speed.

    1. The way it's built kind of precludes making an angle change; you'd have to change where the strap attachments are.

      An almost as comfortable shoulder holster is Galco's Miami Classic and Classic II. I used to carry a 1911 in one and now carry my M&P that way when the weather is still cool enough for lead to be solid.

    2. Looks a hell of a lot more comfortable than 'In The Waistband' carry.

  2. Is the bottom strap (strap #6) for hooking into a belt?

    1. Yes. And I don't think I ever did so for longer than to see if it worked at all.

      The M7's design dates back to when the uniform shirt was tucked into the pants, so the belt would be right there for use. With BDU's in the 80's the shirt was untucked and the belt hidden.

      We didn't wear a belt over our work coveralls or Nomex coveralls.

      A couple of guys would use the loop to hook onto their web gear belt, but since we were constantly wearing and removing that stuff, using the loop got irritating. Just like we hardly ever ran the suspenders for the web gear under the shoulder pads of the PASGT vest like we were supposed.


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