21 February 2019

You Trusted The USPS

Ballots arrived too late to count.

I simply can't find a give-a-fuck for these people.

Voting is your exercise of your sovereign franchise and you leave it to someone else to deliver it?

That's on you.

Nearly all mailed in ballots are from people who are too damn wrapped up in their own selfish world that they won't take the time to vote in person.

I've long been of the opinion that voting in person should be the only voting.  Photo ID to prove you're you and an indelible mark on your person to show you've voted.

The only absentee votes are for the military and foreign service stationed overseas.  Full stop.

The sovereign franchise is the most important thing a citizen can do in a democratic republic and if it's not important enough to apply for some time off...  I don't want you voting.

I especially don't want to hear you crying that the post office didn't deliver your package in a timely manner.  I've seen how unreliable they are.  So have you.


  1. If my bed-bound wife can crawl out and vote, then practically anyone else can do it. Vote-By-Mail is just another way of scamming the system. That and Vote-Harvesting and Free-Ride-to-Vote (that's only available in certain sections of cities, hmmmm…)

    I am for making Voting Day pretty much a national holiday. Shut everything down within reason. All gubmint employees now work for the elections division. Any ballot approved by the candidates stands, once approved, so suck it Broward County. No electronic only voting, must have paper-backup that is stored for 4 years. Polls open 24 hours, starting at Midnight Eastern Time. The voter has a 24 hour time span to drag his/her/its/their carcass in and vote using a secure id card. (Jury still out on requiring fingerprint match, but it sounds like a good idea, but I hate having everyone in a central database that will be misused by the powers-that-be...) Voter marked with some type of semi-permanent ink after voting. Absentee voting is to be the exception, not the norm. All military votes and absentee votes must be in by end of Election Day or at least postmarked, nah, fuckit, be in by end of ED. No friggin reporting on results until the following Monday, mandatory recount on all tallies. Results will be posted on Election Result Day. Polling by news agencies will result in reporters and pollsters being shot (well, maybe.) Voter Fraud is punishable by mandatory 5 year sentence, permanent loss of any government privilege, including citizenship, and if done by an alien, after alien serves sentence, permanent ban from US facilities or aid anywhere the person is sent back to. Voter intimidation to be treated like the capital crime it is and have punishments accordingly (yes, up to and including death.)

    Draw a hard line. Voting is the Right and Responsibility of a Citizen. If one can't take the responsibility to properly use the Right, then one loses the chance. Permanently.

    Tired of all this garbage. Not even getting into the more radical ideas, like must prove one has a basic fundamental understanding of Civics and the Constitution before being allowed anywhere near a voter id or ballot box.

  2. I've told employers that I'd be late because there was an election (and honestly, polls close at 7, but I'm excitable) I don't trust any other system and would only use them as a last resort.

  3. Easy now, my 92 year old mother in law wanted to vote so I got her absentee ballot sent to her. She is on our side.


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