18 February 2019

The Butthurt Doth Flow

I've been noticing a trend around the CMP M1911A1's.

People seem compelled to virtue signal why they're not buying one.

It's kind of funny because if they haven't already submitted a packet, they're not allowed to buy one from CMP at the $1,050 price they think is too much.

Gunbroker has listed a couple for $1,400+, so if $1,050 is too much...

I remember when I objected to that price.  Then I did my due diligence.  $1,050, shipped, is actually a deal.  It includes $90 of overnight shipping, $5 of NICS check, $50 worth of "Pelican" case and $10 of USGI cleaning rod.  So, $895 for the actual gun.

Again and again when assigning value to something I find that people must attribute their personal evaluation to others.  When someone else is buying something, what you would pay (or not) is irrelevant.

A genuine USGI M1911A1's value is a very personal thing.

Personally I wouldn't have paid $1,050 (or a lot more) for a near perfect M1911A1 that left military service in someone's duffel in 1945 because that's not like the gun I was issued.

The CMP gun is.

My nostalgia values the mixmaster refurbished gun over the "more collectible" version.

I am happy and will not stop liking things that they don't.


  1. If the gun-fixit-wizards at the CMP did to the 1911-A1 what they have done to all the Garands, Springfields, Krags, Enfields and such that they have sold previously, then just having a very qualified armorer going over the gun was worth the price.


    Much better than any service at a pawn shop or cheap gun store or discount store.

  2. If I'd had seen one or two samples back when I could have applied, I would have. We actually transferred one through the shop today, mid war Colt, real good shape. I could only drool and thank the nice gentleman who got it for letting me run a mag through it.

    1. What clinched me was the American Rifleman article. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2018/5/22/the-cmp-m1911s-the-inside-story/

      The guns in the pics looked to be in good shape, and I'd researched what something like that should cost and was surprised to find that $1,050 was actually decently priced.

      I'm very happy and I got what I was after.


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