13 February 2019

It's A Process

A repeated pattern in my life that makes me wonder if I'm on The Truman Show starring as Truman...

Try to get something accomplished.

It fails.

Get angry at it.

Scream to the numerous and malicious Gods.

Give up.

It works.

Over and over again.

CMP just emailed that my rusty rattle-trap will be delivered tomorrow.

But I had to perform the ritual before...

It's almost enough to give one religion.


  1. So that is where the frigging duck went on to disappear

  2. Throwing of tools and screaming till hoarse does seem to make stuck fasteners unfasten. Maybe it's some sort of sonic shockwave mutation...

  3. I'm glad the CMP unfucked themselves and shipped your soon to be new/old gun.

  4. We're waiting for pictures of that new old gun.

    You know what they say: this is the internet - without pictures it didn't happen.

    1. *I* am waiting for pictures of this ancient piece of steel.

  5. Your gods are simply hard of hearing. Ya gotta scream immediately and not wait stewing for the pressure to build Then again, that would place you in the company of liberals, so maybe not too early on. ;-)


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