20 February 2019

Man Bites Dog!!!

Updated the title.  They finally found a racist, anti-Democrat with plans to murder him some "traitors".

Coast Guard LT busted for drug and weapons charges apparently had "hit-list" of Dem lawmakers and reporters.

But I thought we could trust the police and the military...

His junk on the bunk?

Photo taken from Fox News website and article.

I don't think I'll lose any sleep over a bigot going to jail.

Alleged bigot, innocent until proven and all.  But dayum...  Officers are supposed to know better than this!


  1. Not a bad start, but 'meh.'

    I'll believe he's a conservative right after I march in the Smollet Pride parade...

  2. So based on the article, the dude had:
    Crazy ideas
    Didn't like black folks
    Concerned about bad faith impeachment
    Didn't like some politicians
    Had a couple pills?
    Had a small gun collection
    Had a pitifully small amount of ammo

    What did he do that was illegal enough for anybody to get a warrant to find those pills? Those guns look pretty tame/standard, looking from America it is hard to believe those are illegal.

    The article doesn't say he threatened anybody, he didn't attack anybody. I'm not saying he was a good guy, but what did he actually DO that was illegal and made him a bad guy enough to get raided like this and then get the smear treatment post raid?

  3. I'm with BC; there doesn't seem to be much here - illegal pills that are VERY common and a few guns.
    One thing that isn't clear from the coverage I've seen is whether those guns were legal in Maryland, where the laws keep tightening. I haven't kept up with their law changes in the decade since I left.

  4. The article says drug and weapons charges. Either is probable cause to search his domicile.

    I agree, it's a nothing burger; it's interesting in that the press is fast to assign motives of hate and racism to EVERY shooter and gun owner that it's actually noteworthy to find someone who was arrested who actually is hateful and racist.

  5. On further investigation, I suspect he was caught in a drug investigation and the guns were found later - since from what I've read, the Feds had not been brought in at the time of publication, I'm thinking that the guns were showcased and talked about but not criminal. The only way that I see them as being a crime is if it is claimed he couldn't have them as an 'addict'.


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