27 February 2019

Background Check Fail

Apparently, there's a bunch of cops in California who shouldn't be because they're convicts... but the system that's supposed to flag them doesn't.

And that's not even close to the biggest controversy with it.

When I search my name I find my arrest.  I find the charge.  I see my mugshot.

Those charges were dropped.  It's a not insignificant effort to get those records expunged.  Then once I have them expunged, I have to one-at-a-time demand a take-down from every police blotter web page that has posted those public records.

But if I had a badge!

Even though they're convicted of the crimes, their arrest and conviction is kept from public record?

So secret that the convicted cop, despite being disqualified by the conviction, can slip into a new law enforcement job?

Gee, Officer, wonder why normal people don't trust you?  Every time we look hard there's another carve out for your ever-so-special ass.

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