11 February 2019

Tinker Tinker Tinker

I got the mast aft four more studs!

The trick to fitting it around the guns was giving up on the relationship to the rat-lines and removing a 4x4 by two-brick block from under the mast base.

The mast-base is a 2x2 round on a 4x4 flat, so there's gun clearance!

You can't really see the mast's base, but this is a good view of the gun deck.

The gun deck gets covered by "net" covers and the ships boat.

Reversing the sails made them look like they have some wind in them.

The mast is definitely in a more realistic location for a 1700's golden age of piracy cutter.

Now I just need to hit Hobby Lobby or some such and get some material for the main-sail and maybe another jib.  Barquintine rigging is interesting.

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