09 February 2019

Stretched Ship

Got a spare hull section from ebay for my Lego pirate ship.  This has upgraded her from 4 to 6 guns.

The proportions are much better too.


  1. I've been at cons a couple of times when Steve Jackson ran Evil Stevie's LEGO Pirate Game. Good times...

    1. A decent portion of his bluecoat minifigs came from me.

      I traded him for pirate figs.

  2. That improved L/B will do wonders for her speed and manuevering characteristics as well. Might need to shift the mast aft a little to keep her balanced under a stiff breeze though.

    1. I have a pic of a 1700's period sloop with that mast-forward design that this ship is emulating.

      I have yet to make the sail that's going on the big spar aft of the mast.

      It bothers me that I used to know the terminology for the rigging I put on this thing.


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