12 February 2019

Interesting Summary Of The "Spanish" Flu

These guys started out researching the history of video games and game development oh so long ago.

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  1. Thanks for posting this series.

    The world was lucky in 1918. Very lucky.

    The heroes and villains have been forgotten. Overshadowed by so much else.

    And now we have Ebola putting it's track shoes on and getting ready to do the bug-out boogie as that particular hellspawn is close to raging out of control.

    We as idiot Americans don't remember our past. We don't teach our past anymore. And we will suffer from it someday, maybe someday soon.

    Can you imagine calling quarantine and shutting down a whole city or state these days? The courts would be filled with injunctions within the first 20 minutes alone.

    Pardon me while I go hide in the bathroom and gibber in fear for a while...


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