18 February 2019

The Plot Thickens

The Aurora shooter's timeline.

In 1994 he plead guilty to domestic battery.

Sentenced to five years serves less than three.

Moves to Aurora.

Aurora Police arrest him six times between his move and 2008.  Apparently no convictions, but since at least one arrest is for violating a restraining order; it appears he didn't learn to stop hitting the people he lives with.

January 2014 he applies for and receives an Illinois FOID card.

6 March 2014, applies to purchase the S&W .40 used in the crime.

11 March 2014, approved, he picks up the gun.

16 March 2014, applies for a CCW permit.

It is discovered that he's a felon and the Illinois State Police write to tell him to surrender the gun.

2017 arrested by Oswego (Illinois) Police for disorderly conduct and criminal property damage.

This last arrest, I think, should have fired off dozens of flags.  "Where's the gun you were ordered to surrender?" colored flags.

I also want to hear why he kept getting arrested but never convicted.  At his income level, it's not like he had a crack dream-team of lawyers.

Information from this really treacherous link.

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