25 February 2019

Remember When The Democrats Told Us Being Catholic Didn't Matter?

"When Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) reversed her prior support last year for a Trump nominee when his strongly traditional Catholic beliefs on marriage were publicized, she may have set in motion a series of events that culminate in the loss of another venerable Senate tradition."

Linky h/t Instapundit

I remember reading about the controversy over JFK's religion and how it was the Democrats who insisted that someone could separate their faith as a Catholic from their duties as an elected official.

Is there nothing that isn't conditional about WHOM is a given this or that?

Rhetorical question.  Everything is situational for them.


  1. Dems being dems. It's the only thing you can trust them to do. Be dems, and interpret the rules whichever way suits them.

  2. I'm sure there were plenty of Democrats who felt that Kennedy's alleged faith was a disqualifying factor....until he became the nominee. Much like the DNC shouting praises on how "reasonable" John McCain was, except for those few months where he was the Republican nominee for president ...then he was the most unreasonable arch-conservative the world has ever seen


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