21 February 2019

Knife Maker With Democrat Donating Owner Cuts Up Guns

Good evening,
We understand some of our followers are upset with Benchmade knives because of a recent post we put out. The post did not give everyone the full story on why the guns were required to be destroyed.
We receive guns that are turned in from community members that they no longer want the guns and want them destroyed. We also have guns that are evidence and when a case is adjudicated the guns are ordered by the court to be destroyed.
These guns were required to be destroyed. We reached out to Benchmade to do us a favor at our request. Benchmade is a strong supporter of law enforcement and the Oregon City community. We were present when the guns were cut and we took them for final destruction.
We apologize for not informing everyone on the initial post. Benchmade is an excellent company and we urge everyone that had said they no longer support Benchmade to reconsider once they have all the information. Again, we apologize for not informing everyone with our recent post.
Chief Jim Band and Mayor Dan Holladay

 The post the photo came from doesn't come up for me on Facebook.

People are a bit ticked off at Benchmade about this and asking about alternative knives.


You get the impression that Benchmade doesn't like us anyway.


  1. I've heard that the original Benchmade post was deleted, but not before someone screen shotted it.

    As far as I'm concerned, the only reason to destroy guns is it they are unsafe and can't be repaired - I assume when they say "had to be destroyed" that it means that local LE policy is to destroy weapons instead of selling them. Several states have laws requiring LE to sell them because of the anti-gun attitude of many big city police departments.

  2. Any gun the Feds seize, or are seized in a case the Feds are involved in, are automatically earmarked for destruction. Usually sent to the local foundry or metal-shredder scrap yard.

    I have seen a low-number Garand in pristine condition (worth big bucks) go to the smelter. Made me weep. Along with it's beautiful Krag and '03 brothers, and lots of nice expensive Colt snake guns.

    The money that could have been generated by selling these guns would have been a nice shot in the arm to the local agency that was forced to destroy them.

    No, I am not for asset forfeiture in lieu of conviction. But things that are seized properly in a case where a felony conviction is made? Yeah. Asset Forfeiture is a slippery sucker, can be used for good, but too often used for bad...

    As to Benchmade, fuckem. My cheap Chinese NRA knife is about as good as that $100.00 Benchmade I also own, and right now I'd rather support the ChiComs over any Democratic supporting US company. Dumb move, Benchmade. Sure, let the govies use your equipment to lawfully destroy things, but don't crow about it. Dumb, dumb move.

  3. I know what brand of knife I won't be buying. F- Benchmark.


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