25 February 2019

I Know Where I Can Be Despised

Where can I go to hear what a monster I am because I am white, male and straight?

Never mind the bigotry inherent in the assumptions that being white, male and straight makes me a monster who is racist, sexist and homophobic.

Where can I go to hear how evil I am because I reject socialism and embrace capitalism?

Where can I go to be called a terrorist because I think the whole Bill of Rights is applicable, as written, and not just selected parts or things which aren't in the text.

Where can I go to be belittled and despised for exercising my sovereign franchise for the illiberal candidate.

Where can I go to be dehumanized for being critical of judges and justices whom create law from the bench and being supportive of judges and justices who adhere to the actual written words of The Constitution?

EVERYWHERE is the answer. I am sick of it.

Now. Where can YOU go to FUCK RIGHT OFF?

Because you're not funny. You're mean and nasty and bitter not clever and witty.


  1. And who peed in your kale breakfast cereal this morning? :)

    1. If you're eating kale for breakfast, do you NEED someone to pee in it to be pissed off?

      This isn't bacon! This isn't bacon AT ALL!

    2. I can see your point. I did not have bacon this AM, went light with a bagel


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