06 July 2022

A Gentle Reminder

I keep having to say it, despite saying in the comment section where you make your comments...

Be polite, stay on topic, sign your work.

I've let a lot of anonymous comments slide lately and am loathe to shut them off completely because I don't wanna lose PanzerGuy and JRG (and others who comment less frequently so I don't know their names off the top of my head).

But we're nearing that point.

I think that it goes without saying that a blog is the blog author's soap-box and not the commenter's.

Google makes it easy to start one of these things, you should consider starting your own when you keep hitting the comment size limit here.

For at least one commenter, I suggest you search the blog for the topic at hand before you try to chastise me for neglecting men's rights.  https://mcthag.blogspot.com/2011/04/freedom-has-warts.html

Yes, I know that's seventeen years of posting and the search function doesn't find it directly...  It's there.  Try searching for "child support".


  1. I've been enjoying your site for some time, but the new font size is too small for my ancient eyes. Sorry to complain but there it is.

    1. I don't know why it's suddenly teeny. The setting that SHOULD change it doesn't do anything. I can't change the font or the size.

      Google must have changed something, it wasn't me.

      CRTL + should zoom you in and make the text more legible.

  2. Just so I'm clear, if I sign my name in the post its OK? Or do I need a name in place of anonymous? Thanks Allan

    1. Signing at the end is what I'm after for Anonymous posters.

  3. thank you kind sir...panzer guy...

  4. I read and occasionally comment if I have something coherent to offer. I learn a lot from comments since they help my understanding. I'll sign if it will help. The current "Comment as:" is a bit obscure. I suspect many readers miss that option.

  5. Thanks for the reminder sir. I try to sign off 1st thing and then make the comment so that I don't send before signing my work. I'm forgetful and that step seems to help.

    Carry on. And thanks for the blog content.


  6. I try to comment logged in, but occasionally I get logged out for whatever reason and don't notice...


You are a guest here when you comment. Be polite. Inappropriate comments will be deleted without mention. Amnesty period is expired.

Do not go off on a tangent, stay with the topic of the post. If I can't tell what your point is in the first couple of sentences I'm flushing it.

If you're trying to comment anonymously: Sign your work.

Anonymous comments must pass a higher bar than others. Repeat offenders must pass an even higher bar.

If you can't comprehend this, don't comment; because I'm going to moderate and mock you for wasting your time.