02 July 2022

The Great .45 ACP Comparison Of 2022

We started off with the Kahr CT45 then changed to a Colt Mk.IV Series 80.

My shots are on the left, Marv's on the right.  Ammo selection was random brand 230gr FMJ.  I was trying to shoot about as fast as I could get the sights on, Marv reports he was being very careful with the first two or three, but then speeding up as he went through the magazine.

I am so rusty.  It's clear that I am not fully recovered from my injuries and am also out of practice.  The only cure is to get to the range more often.

The CT45 is just; strange.  It's like a double action but still a single...  The LONG trigger pull means extra focus on the sights while you're pulling, and the gun wants to nose down while you're doing it.  Marv was better at correcting this tendency than I was.

Next we shot the Star Model PD and my Ithaca/Remington-Rand M1911A1.

The shooting low thing appears to be my glasses tricking me about getting the front sight in line with the rear.

Next is a S&W M&P 45C and a SIG-Sauer P220.

I can see the rust is starting to fall off a bit now.  I'm definitely liking the SIG better as time goes on.  After the harshness of the PD and Kahr, it was very soft shooting.

Now we get a 2nd Gen Glock 21 and a CZ Cz97B.

The Glock was remembering an old friend.  I've put a ton of rounds through that pipe.  Surprising was the CZ.  Soft shooting, well mannered and accurate.

Finally, not even a pistol, the mighty S&W 625-3 Model of 1989!

If ever there was a revolver that didn't fit me as it is, it's this one.  With practice, I bet I could greatly improve this group.  This gun breaks funny.  I can't really put my finger on it, even Marv commented that it wasn't breaking where he expected.

What did we learn?

We learned that even average shooters, such our ourselves, can get minute of bad-guy at 7 yards with virtually any .45 ACP gun we can readily lay our hands on.

We shoot the bigger guns better than the smaller ones.

Neither of us is very good double action.


  1. It'd be a crying shame if you decided to sell that 625.

    1. It'd be, literally, criminal. It's on loan from The Chomps Collection.


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