07 December 2023

Beginning Of Infamy

82 years ago, this moment, the first wave of Imperial Japanese Navy bombers began their attack on Pearl Harbor and awakened a sleeping giant.

Less than four years later they unconditionally surrendered on the deck of USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

Appropriately, Missouri is currently berthed next to USS Arizona today.


  1. The Japanese should have known what would happen. One of the wrap up chapters in Shattered Sword quotes a June 1941 exchange between Admiral Stark the CNO and Admiral Nomura the Japanese Ambassador. I need to get the exact quote again but the gist was attack us and your empire will be destroyed, you will have a period of victories followed by losses you cannot recover from and your navy will be crushed. He called it accurately, I doubt even Yamamoto was pessimistic enough to think that the USN would be shelling the Japanese Home Islands in 1945


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