09 December 2023


I returned an item to Midway on October 27th.

It made it to my local post office and was picked up by someone the next day.

Then the tracking goes dead.

I complained that their choice of UPS Postal Innovations led to its loss and they should file an insurance claim for the lost package.

They refunded my money and agreed it was lost on November 22nd.

I kept the tracking number and have been checking every few days.

Today I checked and it shows delivered on December 7th!

Florida is a long ways from Missouri, but not that long a ways.

Definitely not six weeks away.


  1. I mailed a package last week, from Chesapeake VA, it was supposed to be delivered to Hampton VA, a 30 minute drive. They sent it to Philly and then it had to come back to Virginia. It still has not arrived.

  2. The USPS problem is endemic. I used to pay bills 7 days ahead of deadline as a general practice. Then about 2 months back, started getting dinged for late payment, interest and penalties etc. from a couple of places. Managed to call and get most of the charges reversed as I could prove I paid well in advance, but have become really pissed at the USPS over this. Now I pay 15 days ahead and still have worries. Michigan to Philly took 12 days on the last bill for Commiecast. Everyone wants direct pay or even auto pay to which I say no-way-Jose, bad enough that I was forced into autopay for two medical insurances which literally stopped accepting checks. Way too risky to allow more folks self service access to your bank account.

  3. I guess this explains why a package shipped from Missouri to Oregon was routed through Tampa. I'm reluctant to send anything important via USPS.
    I did have my own Midway shipping saga when I forgot to update my address and the people at my previous address took the UPS package to the post office marked return to sender. Midway eventually got it and sent it to my correct address about 6 weeks later

  4. I'm not having problems with any shipper who handles the entire trip themselves.

    It's the UPS/USPS partnership called "postal innovations" that's been a thorn in my side. The post office picks it up, takes it to UPS, who haul it to a USPS hub not too far away from here and then the post office delivers it.

    Despite years of this, it never runs smoothly.

    Even worse, if I select one of the pure shipping options, they slow walk it from the warehouse to the shipper, making the effort at getting it faster wasted.


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