08 December 2023

Other Priorities

Marv has got hissef a silly .410 shotgun.

Kel Tec's KSG410.

Pictures to come.

It's renewed my interest in a Savage 42.

I stock .22 WMR for the Savage 93F and .410 for Bubba's Taurus Judge already.

I've always wanted a drilling bockbüchsflinte!

The $600 price of entry for a silly want like this keeps me away, especially when we've been doing home maintenance like madmen.


  1. Worth checking out the Chiappa double badger if that type of combo gun is of interest!


  2. That rim fire / small gauge shotgun is a good woods walker. Ammunition does not weigh you down. I carry a few (6-8) .410 rounds in an eyeglass case in pocket, enough for a couple of hours in the woods. The Remington SPR-94 in same rounds as the Savage works.



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