03 December 2023

It Deserves Mention

Sandra Day O'Connor passed on.

She was the first person with a double XX chromosome confirmed to the US Supreme Court.

Surprisingly, she was not submitted to the seat by a Democrat.

Ronald Fucking Reagan?  The Ur-Conservative President?  BWAH?

She also retired at an appropriate age.  That marks her as a Republican, Democrats cling to their seats unto death.

Cough cough RBG.


  1. I cannot verify. Early in the Seditious Gay Kenyan Commie's administration a rumor circulated the RGB was afraid to retire because of who Obama would nominate to replace her.

    1. The accepted story is RBG didn't want to retire in 2015-2016 because she believed Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for President and wanted her successor to be nominated by a woman. This proved to be a mistake so RBG was clinging to her seat until after the 2020 election, which also didn't work out.


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