11 December 2023

Quite A Curve

Thanks to Home Alone and Irish we know that a particular cart of groceries went from $19.83 in 1990 to $77.28 today.

389.7% inflation over 33 years.

Annualized, that's just 4.208% inflation, since the goal is 3%, that doesn't seem so bad.

The problem is that cart of goods was $44.40 last year.  That's an annual inflation of 2.4755% from 1990 to 2022.  Below the Fed's desired rate, good for us, bad for the national debt.

That means we had 174% inflation in one fucking year.

Did you get a 174% raise last year?  I didn't.

The politicritters are trying to convince me that the 3.2% increase in my VA disability is big money.

But it isn't keeping up with Bidenomics.


  1. Just remember. A target of 2% means that it is the GOAL of the unconstitutional FED to STEAL 2% of the purchasing power of YOUR wealth every year, year after year COMPOUNDED. Currently they are STEALING WAY MORE THAN THAT.

    1. Inflation is good if you're borrowing money. Especially if inflation is running higher than your interest rate.

      Who borrows more than the people printing the money?

  2. I want to reach through my tv and strangle those A-holes who say things are great under Biden. We shop at Costco a lot. It used to be that I’d estimate how much the total would be by counting the items and multiply by 10. That doesn’t work anymore, I have to multiply by 20.


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