04 December 2023

Gotta Mention Those Titles Of Nobility

Megan Ranney, MD, Ivy League, Moms Demand Action.

Currently the dean of the school of public health at Yale.

She's got an opinion about guns.

She's yet another medical professional who only sees the negative aspect of what guns can do because they worked someplace where they patched bullet holes in people.

This is in opposition to the pro-gun side which predominately sees the positive aspect of what guns can do and since it so very rarely involves putting new holes in people, she never saw it.

Therefore it must not exist!

If she were merely wrong, it'd be one thing.

But she gets treated as if she actually knows something because MD and gets quoted on FoxNews when the NRA representative contradicts her.

I wish they'd figure this out.

You wouldn't quote me about how to do surgery or prescribe drugs.

Why quote an MD about something non-medical?


  1. I've pointed out pretty frequently that, outside of his or her speciality, a scientist or other academic is just another layman. This includes MDs pontificating on subjects outside their specialities.

  2. Without knowing who was in the right or wrong, there must be some significant part of the ER traffic who were shot, cut, stabbed or bludgeoned because they needed a gun and didn't have one. On average, when an assailant victim produces a blaster, injuries go down.

    1. There might well be. People like Dr Ranney don't bother to wonder why someone is injured beyond the method used to injure them.


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