19 February 2016

A Wonder On Angled Sights

They seem pretty slick.

Optic goes tits up or can't be used because of magnification at short range, just rotate the rifle and you're back in the game.

Faster than hitting a QD on a rail mount and easier on the scope because you're not dropping on the ground.  At least unless their un-folding mechanism is over complicated, which I've seen before in BUIS.

I've played with exactly zero sets of them in person, but I wonder about something...

Are they still aligned with the bore or are they offset to one side?  If they're offset, you've got to pay attention to your zero.  I bumped into this getting my Trilux scope zeroed.

The objective is offset to the left, so your point of aim has to be the same offset and so does the zero.  If you don't then you're zeroed for exactly one distance and you're going to be off to one side at closer and to the other at longer.

As has been mentioned before, new-fangled optics are getting so darned reliable that back-up irons are nearly a cosmetic affectation.


  1. I tried a pair of the eBay El-cheapo offset sights (AKA Rapid Transition Sights) on my AR. I didn't have success. I was left wondering if it was due to a mechanical problem, or that the fact they were about 1/10 of the price of the Duek Defense sights means they just weren't made as well. I never considered the whole approach might be bad. There are folks who swear by them.

  2. When you rotate the rifle, they are directly over the bore. That's why you rotate the gun.

    " I never considered the whole approach might be bad."

    If the whole approach is bad, why does everybody in 3 Gun use them? Have we stumbled on some important shooting advice we need to give Daniel Horner and Jerry Miculek? ;)

  3. " I never considered the whole approach might be bad." as in "I thought that's what our host was implying." Sorry if I misinterpret you, McThag.

  4. You can't see from most pictures if they're radial to the bore, which is why I asked.

    My only objection to them was the cult-like furor that a certain group of gunnies had for them when they were a brand-new idea. That rarely has anything to do with how great an idea is, just how sick you are about being told that this is the ONLY way to run BUIS and the recited mantra of "when your optic goes down and everything with a battery fails..."

  5. "My only objection to them was the cult-like furor that a certain group of gunnies had for them when they were a brand-new idea."

    I must have missed that, but my internet gun stuff has been confined to a pretty small area for the last five years or so.

    As far as I was aware they were (and still mostly are) a gamer thing, since it's faster than changing magnifications on the scope. I didn't think the Tactical Timmy crowd dug them because they hung off the side of the gun and could snag on stuff.

    Last I checked the favored Timmy BUIS solutions were either the fixed DD or Troy ones, or folding MBUS sets?

    1. It was the games be proper simulation of combat, so anything that works in the game is teh serious combat gear people.

      Looking back, I am not certain that any of that crowd even owned a real gun. I were new to the gun internets then.

      They were a small, vocal (and I discovered late) easily avoided group. But they were oh-so-shrill! I bumped into them in the way back asking about an ARMS #40 or KAC 600m folding rear sight. They applauded me for wanting BUIS, but proceeded to tell me I was all wrong about folding sights. Don't get them started on the issue Matech sights!

    2. PS: I went with the KAC 600m because it's tiny and folds out of the way. It's utility has never come up because I've never needed to use them.

      Two-gun (gimp division) didn't impose any artificial equipment failures and I've yet to run a magnified optic in the courses. The 5x on Dottie seems low enough power to still work at very close range, going to have to see in a few months.


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