25 October 2016

How On Earth?

As much minutia and trivia as I have learned about airplanes, I never found out about bob weights on the stick until very recently.

I'd always wondered why pilots seemed to be struggling to keep the stick or yoke back while pulling g's and the bob weight is why.

Essentially it's a small weight on an arm attached to the stick linkage that gets heavier as you pull more g, and that tries to pull the stick back forward and ease off on the g.


  1. That's quite interesting, and probably a wise design choice! Means to pull off crazy things that can stress the plane and pilot, you need to be TRYING.

    Does this mean Pilot (Aircraft) in GURPS has a ST requirement to use full handling scores?

    1. I've advocated in more than one thread at SJ that fighter pilots tend to be wiry and strong, so a high ST value is more important than DX for success.


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