03 October 2016


Do you know how many services you have to cut to do a complete boycott of the NFL?

Can't have cable or satellite, because even if you don't watch the games your fees subsidize the channels.  The providers have to pay the NFL to carry the content and the actual fans won't spend enough to cover the payment.

Pick your cell-phone carrier carefully...  Same sort of payment and subsidy arrangement with "exclusive" content.

Depending on where they spend their marketing budget, you might even have to forego electricity!

Pick where you live carefully too, your everyday taxes will be paying for the stadium a team squats in.

In a way I kind of admire it.  It's quite a racket to get people who've no interest in football at all to foot nearly all of the bill for the fans.

The mafia must be jealous, especially since not a single law is broken here.

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