27 October 2016

Intermittent Problems Are Best Problems

Twice now The Precious has spit up a message on the driver's information center, "SERVICE ACTIVE HANDLING".  Then lit the active handling disabled light.

The first time, shutting off the car to read the codes with my scanner cleared it.

The second time running the steering lock to lock then restarting the car cleared it.

There's only like 18 things it could be, none of them particularly expensive on their own, but quite a lot of you start randomly swapping parts.

Never mind that a goodly number of them are inaccessible, like the steering wheel position sensor which requires the steering column to be removed.  More of a pain in the ass than difficult.

I would tend to ignore this system shutting off on me, but it takes the cruise control with it.  With my bum leg and ankle, I need that to drive very far at all.

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  1. My semi-precious (the Exploder) does a similar thing every few weeks. Usually it's something like "Left tail light failure", or "Rear lift gate open" but a couple of times the air conditioner hasn't started. It's always Universal Software Fix: turn it off then back on.

    Whoever thought software in cars was a good idea just didn't understand. Don't worry, the self-driving cars will fix everything. You'll get in the car and it will refuse to do anything until you replace the perfectly-fine left tail light.


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