23 October 2016

No True Texan...

Chili has beans.  By their own admission, even Texans put beans in their chili.

See this map.

Not seen in the screen shot are two Mexican respondents whom also use beans.

Judging by the no-bean distribution in Texas and the political make-up of those areas.  Liberals don't put beans in chili.

We kind of always knew, didn't we?


  1. Saw a recipe for Chili without beans, and it sucked.

    Without beans is like Well Done Steak, just don't bother.

  2. If it has beans, it's Chili soup... :-)

    1. Liberal! ;)

      Without meat or beans you have sauce. An ingredient.

      New England, Canada and liberal infested cities in Texas appear to be the only places where this sauce is considered actual completed chili. How odd.


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