15 October 2016


I've noticed that I gravitate towards the oddities sometimes.

.38 Super instead of .45 ACP in my 1911.

.45 Colt instead of .44 Magnum in my Anaconda.

6.8 instead of 5.56 in some of my AR's.

.270 Winchester instead of .30-06 in my FUDD rifle.

Kinda makes me itch for a .327 Magnum now...


  1. Go for it. I love my S&W 632. That one isn't made anymore, but you can get Ruger's LCR, SP101, or Single Seven in .327.

    One of the best things about guns chambered in .327 is that they can also shoot .32ACP, .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long, and .32 H&R Magnum. I've tried all but the .32S&W in mine, and I would do that too if I could find any. This would be great for a character in one of your GURPS post-apocalypse scenarios.

    I just wish somebody made a rifle in .327 :-(

    1. .32 S&W isn't at all hard to find around here. I have quite a few top break revolvers that use that cartridge. I've had a lot more difficult time finding .32 S&W Long for the few revolvers I have that use it.
      As for a .327 rifle, if you could find one in one of those other cartridges you'd theoretically only need a chamber reamer to lengthen the chamber a little and possibly a little hacking of the mag or mag well to accommodate the longer cartridge. Of course I don't remember seeing very many rifles in .32 except a few levers in .32 WCF (a.k.a .32-20) or .32 WS neither of which compatible with the above straight wall handgun rounds.

  2. I was just telling a buddy of mine that my next purchase is going to be the SP101 in .327 Magnum, and that I wished someone made a lever-action for that caliber!


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