05 October 2016


Took out Willard's PPK/S and Beretta 21A (Deluxe) and my M&P9 out to the range today.

The M&P still shoots, and I can still hit with it.  Shocking, I know.  I still shoot it well, even if I hate how it looks and chafe under calling an M&P... because an M&P is a revolver dammit!

The sacrifices I make to have the same gun and magazines as The Lovely Harvey when we're out and about...

The PPK/S reminded me why, when I bought a small .380 I bought a SIG P232.  I hate the way it hits the web of my thumb.  Most uncomfortable!  It didn't feed fully three times for me, the round was cocked and not presented correctly.  Pulling back the slide slightly corrected the angle, but it's a stoppage.

The Beretta's sights are teeny-tiny.  I have to use the reading portion of my bifocals to see them and that makes the target something of a blur.  At the ranges .22 might be effective, this is not really a handicap, but it makes it hard to see if those sights are regulated correctly at the range.  Willard has tried a load that's off almost 8" up and right at 7 yards.

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  1. Yep, getting old and trying to see those itty bitty sights SUCKS! Sigh...


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