17 October 2016

T2K Timeline Change

Now that Twilight 2000 is an alternate history, I need to fill in the blank from when it was published and when its timeline picked up.

Here's the start:

1989The year the Cold War almost ended. Enough was apparently enough with the Soviet hardliners and Mikhail Gorbachev was found dead in his suite in East Berlin on October 6th. Without the intervention of the Russian leader, Chairman Erich Honecker cracked down on dissidents in East Germany in a manner reminiscent of Tiananmen Square.
1990Under pressure from the new Soviet leadership, Hungary remilitarizes its border.
1991To the terror of the Warsaw Pact and Soviet leadership, US weapons and doctrine work exactly as advertised in the Liberation of Kuwait. A crash program of defense modernization begins, increasing internal strife and causing violent crackdowns. NATO, distracted with their victory, does little more than complain to the UN.
1992Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey, considered to be more hawkish than Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, wins the Democrat presidential nomination and narrowly defeats President George Bush in the election. The realization among American voters that perhaps the Cold War was winding up, rather than down, sends an electoral message and an atmosphere allowing increased defense spending takes hold.
1993Despite a “no more Vietnams” message in his inaugural speech, President Kerrey approves a limited draft measure. There is much speculation that the new selective service act is, perhaps, racist in its selection; however domestic crime rates are down severely in the wake. Some noted sociologists suggest that the people drafted were exclusively from a strata that tended towards crime and gang affiliations, and were simply being given a new gang to associate with. “Gang in Green” becomes a popular, if unofficial, motto of the US Army. In reality the point structure turns out to be aimed at how much and how long the draftee's family had received financial assistance. While a seemingly disproportionate number of blacks and latinos were drafted, so were large numbers from Appalachia and the south.
West Germany records an unprecedented number of border crossing attempts from East Germany, with an attendant increase in deaths.
1994While the crash modernization of the Soviet armed forces was bearing some fruit, it was also hollowing out the USSR economically, forcing them to crack down ever harder on their citizens and subject nations. Clearly something was coming to a head, but what and where was the question.
1995Please turn to page 23 of your Twilight 2000 Referee's Manual.
I need more detail, historians please chime in and add suggestions!

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