04 October 2016

Test One Complete

Clenzoil® cleans.

I am not sure I like how it cleans though.

Shooter's Choice and Hoppe's seem to carry more gunk away with the liquid.  Clenzoil leaves moist carbon that's easily wiped off.

I feel like I am using more cloth to get the same gunk removed.

The aroma reminds me of a fresh opened tin of band-aids.

It's green.  Not GREEN, but green colored.

It appears to do the C part that a CLP should do.

FrogLube® did too.  Where it failed L is when you got too much on and left it, it turned into a tacky-sticky coating.  Rumor has it that FrogLube® is tarted up coconut oil, and its behavior is consistent with what other vegetable oils do when they oxidize.  I found no corrosion under that sticky brown coating, so it passes the P portion.  I'll call that a partial fail on the C portion too because sometimes you need to flush out a spring pocket or under a pawl or lever.  If you can't wipe it nearly off, you get the gummy brown gunk and you're learning how to detail strip the gun to get under those parts now.


  1. Froglube didn't really impress me in the P department either. I tried their recommended method of applying it and cooking it into the metal with low heat. I also tried just applying it like a regular lube. In either case I would still wind up with rusting on my carry guns.

    It was disappointing mostly because in the home-brew long term corrosion testing I had seen with methodology that seemed sound, Froglube kept coming out in the top tier.

    So far the only preservative that will keep rust off my carry guns is CLP Collector. I still have to give them a touch up clean/re-oil once a week, but that's it.

    1. So far, for me, what works best has been a real solvent such as Rifle Bore Cleaner, Shooter's Choice or Hoppe's No. 9 then a greasy oil like LSA.

      Breakfree CLP, like I had in the Army, didn't C for shit, but it did a pretty fair job at the L and P.
      Froglube C's and L's fine... But the L stops when it turns into sticky brown stuff. You don't get the P unless you lay it in there thick enough for that sticky brown stuff to form. The L also doesn't last long if you do the recommended wipe it nearly all off.


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