26 December 2015

A Serious Problem

Is there a way to get help for someone who's feeling suicidal that let's them be a gun owner once they've been treated?

I'm worried about my buddy in Georgia.

I want him to get help, but he's a gunnie and losing his guns would be another nail in the coffin for him


  1. Get him a lawyer who knows and practices mental issues and convince your buddy to seek voluntary treatment. The lawyer will make sure he does not get run over by the system, get a trustworthy person to keep his guns while he is int treatment and return his status when he is better.

    A lawyer is almost as important as a doctor IMHO.

    1. Damn. Part of the problem is a lack of money. I don't think he can hire a fast food worker for ten minutes, let alone a lawyer.

      Back to self help for him it seems and I don't think that's gonna cut it.

  2. Be there for him.if not you,find someone that will listen.Vet? VA will have names. Do not abandon him. No man left behind.

    1. My favorite Jar Head is specifically avoiding the VA because they have a dual reputation for doing nothing for the vet AND screwing them over on guns.

      We're trading lots and lots of text messages.


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