25 December 2015

Merry Christmas Uh Someone

Willard has originally bought a Mosin for Ian.  It appears that Ian actually gets a pound of cosmoline with a creamy Yugo SKS center.  This post was written months before the decision was made, and edited on Christmas Day.

It's a 1943 Tula arsenal M-1891/30 that's been arsenal refurbished and counter bored.

Seen one, you've seen them all...  Numbers matching bayonet though!

The parts are the usual mix of arsenals from the refurbishment process.

Receiver tang.
Magazine floorplate, forced matched.
Tula magazine well / trigger guard.
Izhevsk cocking piece.
Izhevsk bolt.
Tula bolt guide.
Izhevsk? bolt body.
Tula firing pin.

There's much evidence of hand filing done on the barrel.  This is a war-time gun, and expediency was the order of the day for many things.  The Motherland was being invaded!   No time for pretty guns!

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