05 December 2015

Surprising Comparison

An FAL is shorter than an M59/66A1.

Just by a bit, mind you, but it's real.

The weights are surprisingly close as well, although the FAL is lacking its bayonet.

Loaded PAP M59/66A1 is 9.8 lb.  Loaded FAL 50.00 is 10.4 lb. plus 0.5 lb. for the bayonet.

That extra pound and some gets you a detachable magazine, double the shots and 7d pi instead of 5d+1 pi.


  1. Also they're distantly related, as I INC Saive heavily based the FAL design on the SVT-40, which is the SKS's Daddy.

  2. Saive was developing what becomes the SAFN in the '30's at just about the same time that Simonov was working on the SVT-38. I don't think there was any cross-pollination between them at that time.

    The FAL is very much a modernized SAFN, some refinement might have leaked from the SVT, but it doesn't need to.

    I think it's a case of parallel design from engineers who saw machines the same way. A tilting bolt with a locking shoulder wasn't a new idea to either designer.


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