24 December 2015

Customer Service

You don't judge a company by how they act when things go right.

You judge them by how they act when things go wrong.

Pro-Flowers earned our repeat business today when something we sent to my mother-in-law for her birthday was marked by FedEx as delivered...

... without a package in sight.  Not even any tracks in the snow.

FedEx made excuses, and directed us to complain at Pro-Flowers.

Without batting an eye or even leaving enough time to check our story, Pro-Flowers offered us our choice of:

  1. Resend the same thing.
  2. Send something of the same or lesser value.
  3. Give us a refund plus 20%.
That is customer service that earns repeat business.

This also marks the fifteenth time in a row there's been some kind of problem with getting a package from FedEx.  When the United States Postal Service beats on timely delivery, rates and customer service; you deserve to be run out of business.

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