04 December 2015


Why am I going through the effort of getting a Utah carry permit for a one-week trip to Seattle?

San Bernadino.

I simply will not go where I am disarmed by law unless required by law to do so.

This is why Harvey drives around Illinois when she visits Iowa.

We don't go where we can't tote, because it's too damned dangerous.

I am really searching my memory for an Islamic terror attack that didn't happen in a gun free zone.  The big daddy of Islamic terror attacks, 9-11, was also in a gun free zone.

Because our politicians often merely pay lip service to what the 2nd amendment says and generally ignore the full implications of the 14th...  Entire states are gun-free zones.


  1. Garland, TX. Of course, that one was unsuccessful and demonstrated the truth of LaPierre's quote ("The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."), so it's ignored as hard as possible by the media.

  2. Actually, look into details of the law - when traveling through Illinois, you CAN carry if you have a valid CCW from another state, and you can stop for gas, at truck stops, restaurants, etc, but if you stay the night you then fall under the state rules; it is a 14th Amendment caveat like the one Ohio just put in place. Of course I doubt if many Illinois cops know about it, but it is common for cops to NOT know the ins and outs of their state's laws. See here: http://handgunlaw.us/states/illinois.pdf page 10 for a quote from state law and the interpretation of it.

    1. Something that happened last time I went through Illinois, before I had a CCW, was getting pulled over because FL tag on the car means drug mule to some of their troopers. I wasn't even speeding! His "reason" for pulling me over was "you made an erratic lane change".

      Based on that standard it seems prudent to avoid the place until there's full reciprocity and I don't have to attempt to explain what the law actually says to an officer in the field. Because that's a great way to end up in the back of a squad car in cuffs and having to hire a lawyer to explain their own laws.


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