04 December 2015

In Before The Rending Of Garments

And gnashing of teeth.

Ending Federal funding of Planned Parenthood is not a ban on abortion.

You can still go to Planned Parenthood and have an abortion after the Federal teat has run dry.  You'll just have to pay for it yourself.

I'm near as neutral as you can get about abortion, but I have long held that it's wrong to force people with religious objections to the practice to subsidize it.

And using tax money to pay for abortions is exactly that.

If we're going to get worked up about crosses on top of water towers, we'd damn sure better get worked up about this.

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty sure PP doesn't do charitable work. You kill your baby at PP you or some 3rd party is paying for it.

    They just just get federal funding because Democrats like people who kill babies (especially black ones) and Republicans take that "war on women" slander seriously!


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