29 December 2015

Broken M&P

My M&P 9, being a highcapacitysemiautomaticassaultpistol, is defective.

I took off my shoulder holster and flopped it on the bed.

I just noticed that when I turn around from my desk that it's pointed right at me.

Shouldn't it have shot me if it was working right?

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  1. Was shooting with Jay once, and the indoor range we were using was warmer than I expected...so I took off my cover shirt. Jay was taking a picture of me shooting whatever new gun he had gotten for T&E and noticed that he was seeing the glint of copper around the cavity of the hollow point chambered in my gun.

    Of course it was fully in a holster, the grip safety was not depressed, and there was a strap of leather between the hammer and firing pin.

    Of course that's a single-stack 1911, so not as bloodthirsty as your black gun!


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