19 December 2015

It's Not Just Me

Tam (via the tome of visage) is also astonished when someone at the range shoots groups that stay on the paper!

I freely admit that I am not the shot she is, but all my rounds are at least near my point of aim.  I'll use the excuse that my weekly ammo allowance is nearly her hourly one.

When I shoot fast, my groups open up.  I think that's true of everyone.  Even Jerry Miculek (his prolly go from 97% overlap to 92%).

The thing is, I've seen people apparently doing all of the fundamentals correctly and still not getting five shots on the paper at 7 yards.  Part of me wants to offer to help, another part of me suspects that help would be resented.  On the plus side, they never seem to be having a bad time at the range, they appear more determined than frustrated by their inaccuracy.

The absolute worst shots at the local pistol range are people who've mounted a laser.  I know that a laser won't make an accurate gun less accurate, and in playing with the Crimson Trace Marv mounted to his P238, there's nothing about that red dot that made me shoot worse.

I am starting to believe that there's a segment of shooters who think that the laser will allow them to skip a large hunk of the fundamentals.

Then there's the boyfriend and his girlfriend at the range...  I wonder how many relationships have been killed by a range trip where boy is showing off his "skills" and shooting a torso sized group, hands the gun to the girl, explains how to use it (correctly!) and she pops off a fist sized group.

Women at the range are baffled by me.  I try to treat them like just another shooter, same as anyone.  I get a mixed response from this.  Some are obviously relieved that the creepy bald guy only wants to talk about guns.  Some seem miffed that the aura of femininity isn't working on me.

A huge positive about most women at the range is they're far more willing to ask if I think something is wrong with their gun, and accepting that it could be them when nothing is found wrong with it.

Another huge positive is that I am not seeing near so many new female shooters with a 2" revolver as I used to.  HUZZAH!  The word is finally seeping out that snubbies aren't beginner's guns!

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