21 December 2015

I Giggle

Thomas Sullivan Magnum, private investigator, uses a 1911 most often.

A 9mm 1911.

Check the magazine in the opening credits.

Notice the groove?  That'd make it either a .38 Super or 9mm.  Considering that it's Hollywood, and 9mm blanks are a lot more available, it's 9mm.

I can't remember now if the character was supposed to be carrying a .45 1911 or if they never actually say.


  1. http://www.nramuseum.org/guns/the-galleries/hollywood-guns/war-movies/magnum,-pi-(1980-1988)-colt.aspx

    Yep, 9mm because blanks were easier to find. See also James "Sonny" Crockett. His Bren 10 had the .45 barrel in it because you really couldn't find 10mm blanks.

  2. Oh and BTW I think in ALL of the Viet Nam flashbacks he's essentially only carrying the 1911...can't remember seeing him shoulder an M16 in the show....so I assume the 9mm is acting like a .45.

  3. The IMFDB entry confirms that it was a 9mm gun used because of blank availability.

    They also say that the gun was playing the part of a .45 and the pistol is referred to as a "forty-five" several times.


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