16 December 2015

Something Occurs

Some of the gun pictures I've posted here aren't pictures of my guns.

They're other people's guns.

They're loaned to me for the purpose of taking the pics and posting those pics to this blog.

In Washington, what we've done is illegal.  Not only is it illegal, I'm dumb enough to post evidence of the crime to the internet!

Good thing we're in Florida, huh?

A universal background check law for even a casual transfer like happens when, say, Willard loans me a gun for a couple days to make comparison pictures would pretty much keep me from being able to take such pictures.

The costs of doing such background checks would rapidly become prohibitive.

Because I have a C&R, I might slip by on a technicality (for the older guns), but I'll bet the ATF would be very interested in my bound book having lots of transfers from and to the same person in a short calendar period.  And in typical ATF fashion, they've ruled both that any time I take possession of a gun that's C&R eligible I have to enter it into my bound book AND that loans aren't transfers so no need to record them because actual ownership did not change.  Depends on the auguries the day your letter gets written, I guess.

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