10 December 2015

We Can End Celebrity Endorsement Of Gun Control

If you are buying movie tickets.  If you are dropping your hard earned into DVD, Blue-Ray, iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video or other...

This is what you're really paying for.

It won't stop as long as we continue to feed them.

Starve them out and put them back into the wait-staff where they belong.

Make note of all of them.  Write to sponsors if it's a TV show.  Remind the sponsors that, while you enjoy the show, you can't continue to purchase their product as long as they are associated with people who take such a dim view of our inherent rights.  Mail a copy to the network and tell them you want it added to the FCC filing.


  1. But the real question is "does she swallow"?

  2. "Make note of all of them"

    I would, if I knew who they were.

    1. It's easier to keep track of the ones on our side. Kurt Russell just had a blowup interview with a anti-gun person.


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