12 December 2015

It's Shooterday!

Actually became a member of the closest range today.  Family membership so Harvey can go shootin' too.

Zeroed the Primary Arms 5x on Dottie.

10 shots, 25 yards, supported.  Need to get to a longer range to finish dialing it in.
Marv came up and wanted to test fire his M59/66, so I refined my zero when I went with him to the range.

Five rounds per circle, 25 yards.  Top right opened up when a round fell between my belt and shirt in back.
Then I put some rounds through Portia.

25 yards supported, 10 shots at the center, then 10 more spread around the surrounding three.
As predicted, Portia is just about recoiless.  A very pleasant shooting rifle, if I do say so myself.

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